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The endless rise of the "think different" climate in education

Another email arrives, and yet another post encouraging us all to "think differently" in order to solve the 'problem' of education. A careful explanation is set-up as to how the modern world is all different now, technology moving so quickly, new challenges that we've never faced before - and the only way we're going to solve these new challenges is to change how we think, work together in different ways which we've never done before. Does any of this sound familiar?

Maybe it's just me, but at first there just seemed to be a few of these types of posts a month. They weren't that common - and occasionally even added something to the conversation. But lately they seem to be almost continuous; every other pundit has something to share on how we need to change our ways of thinking in order to move forward, Whether it's 21st century thinking, how to embed creativity, or the new importance of innovation, nothing we've been doing so far is good e…

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